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DreamWalk is a Melbourne-based app development company. We develop innovative and entertaining iPhone apps, iPad apps, Android apps and web apps that not only work, but work well. We don’t just develop apps for a living, we also do it for fun and love a good challenge. Our apps have ranked number 1 on the iTunes App Store, they’ve been featured in just about every news outlet in Australia and have kept millions of users around the world entertained and informed. Find out more
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Here’s a few good reasons:
There are a lot of developers out there to choose from, many of them have great sales departments and many of them are capable of delivering an app that at least works. So how do we stand out from the crowd? What does DreamWalk offer that other developers don’t or can’t and why should you choose DreamWalk to build your app?
Passion & Intelligence
There are many different ways to develop an app. The best way to do it depends on the project and requires careful and thorough planning. At DreamWalk we are passionate about app development and thrive off the challenge of designing apps that not only work, but work well. A lot of thinking goes into every app we produce, and it shows.
Our People
Its important when working on an app development project that your developers are not only good developers but also good people and good communicators. Our team are genuine, friendly and helpful people and our relationship with our clients is hugely important to us. It also helps that our developers are industry leaders and the people other developers call when they need advice!
No. 1 App Developers
Developing a Number 1 ranked app on the iTunes App Store is no easy feat. With hundreds of thousands of apps out there competing for attention, only the best apps rise to the top. At DreamWalk we have developed not one but two Number 1 ranked apps on the App Store as well as many other high charting, Apple-featured and critically acclaimed apps.
Ongoing Support
DreamWalk is not a fly-by-night app shop, in fact we were one of the first app development companies in Melbourne. Through our Software Maintenance Agreement (SMA) we will keep your app running smoothly even when devices and operating systems change and we'll be there to develop new features as your requirements change and user base grows!
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